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Our Client's Challenge: The Milwaukee Milkmen won the American Association Baseball Championships in 2020. Their retail stores at Franklin Field are only open on game days. Winning their championship on the road and not having the store open made it difficult for the Milkmen to capture Championship product sales and revenues. The concern was also analytically how much inventory do you commit to since this was their first time winning the Championship.

Our Solution: ROCKit Apparel worked with the Milkmen and curated a Champs product assortment that excited their fans. In no time, the Milkmen had web images, retail pricing, product information and delivery windows. Milkmen fans had a complete opportunity to purchase with home delivery assured - a best in practice scenario in light of COVID. Daily orders were produced and packaged so that Milkmen fans could celebrate the big win!

The Result: ROCKIt Apparel helped the Milkmen reduce their staffing costs, increased their product margins, and drove completely new revenue. You might say, "ROCKit delivered for the Milkmen!"

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Our Client's Challenge:  From their beginning, Rockstar Athletics has been selling spirit wear to members and guests. Over time their designs and products grew stale and sales dropped. 

Our Solution: ROCKit Apparel worked with Stahl's Spirit Store  to create a Pro-Shop for the members of Rockstar Athletics. The Pro-Shop has special members only times for them to shop, and new spirit styles are refreshed constantly. Their webstore was created by ROCKit Apparel for always available online ordering. ROCKit Apparel also produces the inventory and manages the payments with PayPal and a credit card processor - a complete retail solution.

The Result: Rockstar Athletics members have a new Pro-Shop - physically and virtually - especially for their unique needs.  Rockstar Athletics has increased revenues, better service for it's members and less overhead expense. You might say that "Rockstar Athletics spells success R-O-C-K-i-t!"

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